[Jandek] You wouldn't believe, she don't like Janky

John Eastridge johneastridge at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 28 18:14:09 PST 2004

you should tell her that you are jandek. TWO girls on separate occasions 
have asked me if they were listening to a recording of music i had made when 
i was playing jandek. i guess my voice is not to far from young jandek's. 
the second time i said yes and kept the charade up for an entire evening. 
pretending to be jandek is the most flattering thing i have ever done for 
myself. i highly suggest it!

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>Subject: RE: [Jandek] You wouldn't believe, she don't like Janky
>Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 12:20:06 -0600
>	"i agree, get rid of this girl... "blue corpse" is one of the
>'easy' albums (though i don't
> > find any particularly hard)... if she can't handle that, she sucks a
> > big yak toe."
> >
>	I figured that being nonchalant about it would sort of bring
>about a gradual intro to the albums which adorn my apartment.  She had
>made notice of  the "creepy" artwork once before, so (without a word)
>I tried to inject a little of it into her.  The reaction was indeed
>pointed just the same.  Last night, she dropped a single, hanging
>reference to "that horrible man [I] listened to the other night."
>	Sounds as if her opinion has solidified already.  In her
>defense, she really is quite hot.
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