[Jandek] You wouldn't believe, she don't like Janky

Phil Harwell phil at philharwell.com
Thu Nov 25 12:15:48 PST 2004

> haha
> well, so long as she's hot.
> actually, to the person who was horribly offended by
> what i (and others) said -- i don't know about them,
> but i was saying it in a joking way. i've dated people
> who don't like jandek.... so i'd never seriously
> suggest a break-up over something so petty.

yeah, really!

anyways, i'm glad that my wife is at least tolerant of my weird tastes. 
she knew that i was off-kilter when she married me, so she has no excuse!

i wish that she'd get into what i like, but oh well.  she's still the best
woman for me;  i wouldn't trade her for anybody!


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