[Jandek] damn you guys are harsh

Justin Bailey alfredggnome at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 27 10:23:44 PST 2004

Yeah, but you can't throw bands together like that.
Every artist is unique, they can't just be tossed
arbitrarily into some boxes labeled "indie" and
"mainstream" so you can separate yourself from the

The atonality of Jandek is very different from that of
"Metal Machine Music". it's impossible for anyone to
like the latter unless hanging out in a construction
yard is their idea of a mind-blowing musical
experience. It's just noise with no structure for 80
some odd minutes. It's not even a piece of music as
much as it is a sonic installation- better as a topic
of discussion than something that's stimulating to
listen to. Jandek, on the other hand, is musical. He
has a beat, lyrics, and melody. His experiments tried
to capture genuine emotion in new ways; Reed's were
cynical attempts to see how much hipsters like you
could swallow (and apparently, it's quite a lot). As
Reed himself said: "Anyone who gets to side four is
dumber than I am." Jandek, on the other hand, takes
his stuff seriously and hopes for the same in his
listener. Lou Reed just put out that album because he
knew a bunch of hipsters like you would get it and be
like "wow, here's something I can pretend to
understand and then make fun of people for not
getting." It bugs me that some people have the same
attitude towards Jandek.  

If you're a Jandek fan just to go against the grain of
the mainstream bands you mentioned, and you only put
it on to show how unique and cultured your tastes are,
then you've got less integrity than the people you're
making fun of. Now who's a sad, sad person? I like all
those bands and Jandek and Lou Reed too. Where do you
put me?

--- konajinx at comcast.net wrote:

> Interesting, as I repeatedly tell this to anyone who
> wants to play bands such as The White Stripes, U2,
> Linkin Park, and Matchbox 20.  They always comply as
> well because then I pull out the Jandek and/or Lou
> Reed's Metal Machine Music and it gets the point
> across.  Oh, when will these sad, sad people ever
> learn.
> Matchbox 20.  Christ.
> J.
> -------------- Original message -------------- 
> > I'd never tell someone to break up with a loved
> one for not liking a band, 
> > no...but I'd definitely have second thoughts about
> someone who'd think it 
> > was OK to say something like "Turn that off. Never
> play that again." to me. >
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