[Jandek] damn you guys are harsh

konajinx at comcast.net konajinx at comcast.net
Thu Nov 25 10:10:04 PST 2004

Interesting, as I repeatedly tell this to anyone who wants to play bands such as The White Stripes, U2, Linkin Park, and Matchbox 20.  They always comply as well because then I pull out the Jandek and/or Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music and it gets the point across.  Oh, when will these sad, sad people ever learn.

Matchbox 20.  Christ.


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> I'd never tell someone to break up with a loved one for not liking a band, 
> no...but I'd definitely have second thoughts about someone who'd think it 
> was OK to say something like "Turn that off. Never play that again." to me. 
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