[Jandek] damn you guys are harsh

Jimmy McMillan jingfongjimmy at comcast.net
Thu Nov 25 07:05:46 PST 2004

I don't think they really meant it. If you could date somebody only if 
they were a jandek fan, you simply wouldn't ever have a girlfriend for 
the most part.

Jonathan Vincent wrote:

> Telling a guy to break up with a loved one over a band?
> Can anyone sell me one of your “INDIE’r THAN THOU!” promotional iron 
> on logos
> Cause I want to be totally over the top and feel all superior and shit 
> than the lesser mortals
> I mean come on guys… read fucking “reality bites” if you want to know 
> why NOT to base a relationship on whether the other person involves 
> likes cool enough bands…
> I can never see how people don’t realize how shallow that is
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