[Jandek] You wouldn't believe, she don't like Janky

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Wed Nov 24 10:08:38 PST 2004

My wife isn't what I'd even closely term a "fan", but the other day she did say Jandek's not as bad as she thought when I first started playing his music.  What was hilarious, though, was yesterday she was out shopping, so I called on the cell phone and she was in the car.  I had left Modern Dances in the CD player in the car and I could hear it blaring out in the background while she was trying to talk to me, and I was laughing my ass off.  When she got home she said "What in the hell was that playing?"


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> first of all, i'm new here... been a fan for a while 
> and i've been meaning to join, but hadn't until 
> recently. i agree, get rid of this girl... "blue 
> corpse" is one of the 'easy' albums (though i don't 
> find any particularly hard)... if she can't handle 
> that, she sucks a big yak toe. 
> -shannon 
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