[Jandek] Jandek albums: Vinyl vs. CD

Lee Rosevere leerosevere at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 13 08:09:53 PST 2004

I just ordered the remainder of the Jandek catalog I
was missing on CD (30 albums!) and I've just sat down
to listen to "Lost Cause".  Man, the differences
between the vinyl and CD versions are quite noticable.

For instance, the vinyl is mixed in proper stereo; the
guitar is panned across an equal left-and-right
picture, and so are the vocals.  However, on the CD
version, the guitar is shoved to the left side and the
vocals to the right.  

And while this makes for listening on headphones a
real headache, it does provide an opportunity to study
the recordings some more.  For example, on this new
mix on "The Electric End", the following exchange can
be clearly heard at 0:44 :

Man: "Just yell in it.  <??> talking.  Just yell in
the microphone.  What's the matter with you?"

Woman: "I can't."

Man: "You can't?" (followed by howling)

It would be interesting to collect and post all the
differences between the vinyl and CD versions on
Seth's site or something.  I've read some other posts
here before on this topic and it would be cool to have
them compiled.


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