[Jandek] pre-order DVD arrived 11/10

Jonathan 23 bad_dreams at elvis.com
Fri Nov 12 19:17:21 PST 2004

Not to be picky here, and I do agree with your assessment of the film, but the Jandek album cover 
analysis is only about 18 minutes long.  Maybe the 30+ comment is related to the 30+ album covers that 
are analyzed in the segment.

I've watched all the special features by now (I got mine early from FE), and they are all similarly 
interesting.  The commentary is illuminating, if a little self-congratulatory at times.  The entire, unedited 
John Trubee/Jandek telephone interview is an excellent bonus, with many great insights.  The radio 
interviews by Joshua David Mann (fellow contributor to The Brain) are pretty terrific, even though Irwin 
Chusid is still very mean-spirited in his handling of the Jandek phenomenon.  And the included text 
articles from Op Magazine (and others) were also really cool to read.

On the whole, I'd say $19.95 (or better yet, $17.00!) is a steal for this DVD.  Truly, it would be hard to 
imagine a better film being made on this particular subject.  The only thing that could have made it 
better would have been the inclusion of live footage from the recent Instal festival performance, though 
I'm sure that will pop up soon.


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> I haven't made my way through all the DVD extras yet (there's a commentary by the filmmakers you 
can listen to while watching the film, for instance), but I did watch the 30+ minute analysis of EVERY 
Jandek album cover in order. That in itself was almost worth the cost of the DVD.

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