[Jandek] thoughts on jandek on corwood

Ian gentlegiant810 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 12 05:37:12 PST 2004

i saw it last night at a local film fest and i enjoyed
it, but i was also pretty disappointed in some of the
aspects of the film.

they really overexaggerated some of the
recluse/sociopath/mentally ill aspects of the mystery.
 when the small contact the public has had with him
has proven that he's just another guy, very well
spoken and pretty clean cut.  i mean, they showed
blood on "his sheets?!?!"  c'mon.

some of the cinematography took away from the overall
feel of the film.  why did they show wal-mart and the
inside of a shopping cart?  just small complaints

i was really impressed with the interview and how well
spoken he really was.  and i think calvin johnson put
it best when he said that there wasn't anything wrong
with him because he didn't want to take part in mass
media and all that, it said more about our society and
how messed up it is when we look at that as a flaw.

excellent stuff and i do give the film makers credit
because they worked pretty hard and did a lot of very
accurate reporting on the history and 'facts.'

i'm still going to buy it for the whole interview...
and i know they read, and probably still read this
mailing list.  so, i hope these criticisms aren't too
much, but nothing wrong with a little constructive
criticism eh?

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