[Jandek] Jandek On Corwood DVD on sale in NYC

Christopher Severson christopherseverson at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 8 05:54:55 PST 2004

...and Aquarius.  here's what i sent to the film makers earlier this 
morning (monday).  maybe they'll explain themselves....they were pretty 
vocal to support, now's maybe the time to back it all up....
I assume pre-orders have all been sent since places like FE have been 
listing as in stock now for two weeks for 2-3 less?  So much for free 
shipping.  Sorry to sound pissed, but serving retailers first is not really 
a great way to thank folks for supporting your efforts.  I'm sure you have 
full time jobs and production costs to cover, but still, pre-orders should 
pre-empt your other shipments.

ps- I held this in my draft box thinking this was too harsh of a comment, 
but it's really not.  I just now see another comment posted to the jandek 
list and I suspect that others feel the same.....

Christopher Severson
Aspen, CO

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> Yeah, this is puzzling.  Not to be too hard on the filmmakers - it's not
> like they're Amazon.com or something - but to have it show up in stores 
> and
> on mail-order sites WEEKS before they send it to those of us interested
> enough to pre-order it (and help them make more money by eliminating the
> middle man etc.) really kinda sux...
> Plus it's cheaper at forcedexposure.com and othermusic.com...jeez...
>> Wow, I am really pissed that I pre-ordered it! If I had know I could
>> just get it at Other Music I would not have did the pre-order thing.
>> I'll have to wait another stinking 2 weeks or so until it shows up in my
>> mailbox......
>> Kevin Gilmartin wrote:
>>> awesome! it just sucks that the FMU record fair is this weekend. I'll
>>> have to try and not spend all my money.
>>> On Wed, 3 Nov 2004 16:29:22 -0800 (PST), Jason Cooley
>>> <jasonx12 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>>> I was just in Other Music and they had the Jandek On
>>>> Corwood DVD on sale for $17.99.  I went to Kim's on
>>>> St. Marks and not only were they selling it, they were
>>>> playing it on the TV monitors.  I didn't buy it
>>>> because I already ordered it.
>>>> Go get it, NYC Jandek fans!
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