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Mon May 17 20:14:54 PDT 2004

Oh my God... That's amazing!
I'm terrible at math nowadays. Thank you!
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> I had posted this to the list years ago, and I remember it being met with
a general laugh as response... nonetheless, I still think that the
aforementioned "Real Reason for the Catalog Number Choice" has something to
do with the following:
> On "First You Think Your Fortune's Lovely" from the Ready For The House
album, we get the following cryptic line:
> "Three Times Four Is Twenty-Seven"
> which we all know it is not, yes?
> now follow my stoner logic a few steps down this path... 3x4 is not 27,
it's 12... add the incorrect (27) and the correct (12) answers, and you get
39... now, instead of multiplying 3 and 4, add them... you get 7... cram the
two results together and you get (roughly) 739, or 0739...
> go ahead and laugh... makes sense to me (at least a tiny bit)...
> have a good one...
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