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Tue May 18 03:04:15 PDT 2004

Have you seen the movie?  It was probably some random-as-fuck number, like
the number of pennies he had in a jar or his license plate number or maybe
that's what time it was when he looked at the clock.

I seriously doubt we'll ever know.

But like I've said in the past, half the fun of listening to Jandek is
trying to figure out the fucking mystery behind it all, so.


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I had posted this to the list years ago, and I remember it being met with a
general laugh as response... nonetheless, I still think that the
aforementioned "Real Reason for the Catalog Number Choice" has something to
do with the following:

On "First You Think Your Fortune's Lovely" from the Ready For The House
album, we get the following cryptic line:

"Three Times Four Is Twenty-Seven"

which we all know it is not, yes?

now follow my stoner logic a few steps down this path... 3x4 is not 27,
it's 12... add the incorrect (27) and the correct (12) answers, and you get
39... now, instead of multiplying 3 and 4, add them... you get 7... cram
the two results together and you get (roughly) 739, or 0739...

go ahead and laugh... makes sense to me (at least a tiny bit)...

have a good one...

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