Bradleybee bradleybee at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 11 10:54:48 PST 2004

Hello. I would love to attend the screening, but unfortunately I
can afford $425 for one of the SXSW badges.  

Can I purchase a ticket just for the screening?  Tickets aren't
usually sold for individual SXSW events, and there usually isn't
a guest-list option available, but I thought I'd ask anyway.  

Good luck at SXSW.  I'm sure it will be the highlight of the
film festival!!!  "The List" thanks you too for your efforts in
getting our musical hero a little more exposure :)

Brad Emrich

--- Jandek Documentary <jandocumentary at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Jandek Fans,
> Here is some spam we sent out to the SXSW press....I sincerely
> want to invite anyone from the Jandek list who can spare the
> time to attend to our screening.   "The List" holds a special
> place in my Jandek experience (and subsequently, my (sorry for
> the goofiness) heart), as you collectively have influenced my
> thinking about Jandek tremendously.  I truly don't know what
> the proper way to thank an email list is.  I have read
> eveything you have had to say (up until a certain point in
> production, when we had to stop reading and start making). 
> So, thank you "list", for making my job as a documentarian
> that much easier.  I'd really like to thank each one of you
> individually...(and in a shameless, shameless
> transition)....hopefully you can make it to our screening. 
> Best to you all,
> Freidrichs
> Director, Jandek on Corwood
> Hello,
> I would like to inform you of my feature-length documentary,
> JANDEK ON CORWOOD, which will be 
> playing at the SXSW film festival. (Wednesday, March 17th,
> 9:30PM @ the Convention Center)
> "Jandek" is the moniker of a reclusive Houston-based musician
> who has put out over 30 
> albums over the past 25 years while remaining entirely
> anonymous.  A small, but 
> dedicated, fan base has slowly formed over the course of his
> career.  Jandek on Corwood 
> explores the mystery that has evolved around the one of the
> most interesting musicians 
> around.
> I sincerely hope you will be able to attend.  You can find out
> more about our film, 
> including a press kit and trailer, at www.jandekoncorwood.com 
> If you have any questions, 
> please feel free to contact me at 573-447-3464. 
> Thanks, and enjoy the festival!
> Chad Freidrichs
> Director, Jandek on Corwood
> to view more info(including a trailer):
> www.jandekoncorwood.com
> you can reach us by email with any questions/comments you may
> have @ jandocumentary at hotmail.com


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