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Fri Jun 18 20:54:26 PDT 2004

has anybody else ever mentioned a jandek/emily dickinson connection? It just 
struck me while i was internet-talking to a friend, telling her how the music 
of devendra banhart would make her die a dickinson type death, like your head 
exploding and all, and i suddenly started brainstorming on connections between 
dickinson and jandek. You've got the assumed reclusiveness, the jagged, 
unpolished, idiosynchratic (i'm too lazy and rushed to do spell check here), 
self-referential poetry, windows and vague ex- or unrequited loves. Even--if you 
care to think of it this way-- Dickinson's poetry was formally "out of tune" like 
jandek's guitar. I'm sorry if this seems rushed, but i'll probably be 
thinking about it all night and come up with someting a little more cohesive by 
tomorrow. I'm still interested to see initial responses. Gonna go see relatively 
mainstream rock bands now.   

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