Ross Em indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 17 17:34:41 PDT 2004

One day only!!!
Ok, instead of shelling out $20 for officialish Janky
shit, why not...

a) download the PDF Promo Spraypaint kit from
b) cut out the nice stencil of Janky
c)and make yr own damn Six and Six t-shirt?

And then you could have your Jandek world tour idea on
T shirt for all and "sundry to see.
On mine, Im putting on the back

"JANDEK ALLSTARS" then a big 6 like those shitty
Topman ones "Vicious Allstars" "Cobain Allstars"

The good man would be turning in his grave.

Take care dudes


"97.5 per cent of all great British pop records have been created by individuals dreaming their teenage years away in fuggy box bedrooms on council estates. From Billy Fury all the way through to Sporty Spice - council house box bedrooms. Being stuck in a public school dormitory waiting for your weekly fix of the NME somehow doesn't do the trick." - Sir William Drummond

"Equality; I spoke that word as if a wedding vow..." - Bob Dylan

"I mean, I like Eric Clapton, but he's no Jandek." - Gary Pig Gold


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