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I like the idea of having a shirt that says JANDEK:
WORLD TOUR 2004. Few would get the joke, but I think
it's kinda funny.
My Idea (which i will probably still do) is to make a jandek for president 
t-shirt. It will say simply "Jandek '04" or maybe i will think of a running-mate 
for Jandek. "So-and-so for president" t-shirts arereally cliche and dumb, but 
i think in Jandek's case it would be cool. Now i'm thinking of different 
images of the man from jandek's covers super-imposed over the american flag. Maybe 
one of the silhouette images. I think i'm too lazy to make that one come to 
fruition, but its a nice idea. 

On a slightly unrelated tangent, i think upon word of the man's death all the 
listers should walk to shelbyville. It would, of couse, be ideal that no 
specific Shelbyville be chosen so that we would all end up in different places. 
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