[Jandek] Mahogany Brain

Josh. magneticring at telus.net
Sun Jun 6 18:42:25 PDT 2004

Has anyone out there heard the French group from the early 70ıs called
³Mahogany Brain²  ????

I just found a cd of their called ³Smooth Sick Lights² and I canıt believe
how much it resembles JANDEK...
    rambling guitars,drum, vocals.... Letting the songs kind of crumble and
pull back together.
Really interesting stuff. Iım amazing a label in the early 70ıs released
this stuff.

I wonder if Jandek owns a record by this group and is influenced. I am
really serious. 
This band is really similar.

Info here at Forced Exposure, (Iım surprised they donıt mantion Jandek in
the write up)
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