[Jandek] New Member/Favorite Jandek Recording?

Daniel Marks alfredggnome at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 5 09:13:57 PDT 2004

well, my favorite albums are the back to back
masterpieces, Blue Corpse and You Walk Alone. They're
just conventional enough to be listenable, but just
whacky enough to be Jandek. Other great ones are Glad
to Get Away, Chair Beside a Window, side one of
Interstellar Discussion, more than a bit of Graven
Image, The Living End side one, and On the Way.

I gave my presentation on the J-man, and to my
surprise, a teacher had actually heard him before. He
was in a prayer group in graduate school at the
University of Rochester in the early 80's, and they
played Jandek sometimes while meditating. how cool is

Show me the way, oh lord,

--- BuckPinne at aol.com wrote:
> hi. just a quick note to say hello. i am a new
> member to the list. i am 
> looking forward to sharing commentary with you all
> from time to time. how about a 
> general consensus of everyone's personal favorite
> jandek recordings. i'm 
> interested to see if there are many similar, or very
> different opinions. thanks.
> -buckpinne
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