[Jandek] New Member/Favorite Jandek Recording?

John Eastridge johneastridge at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 6 12:58:49 PDT 2004

the "later on" record got me into jandek. especially "your condition" "so 
fly max" and "oh jenny". i have yet to hear a jandek recording that wasn't 
awesome although i only have heard like 25 of the records.

>From: BuckPinne at aol.com
>To: jandek at mylist.net
>Subject: [Jandek] New Member/Favorite Jandek Recording?
>Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 11:02:34 EDT
>hi. just a quick note to say hello. i am a new member to the list. i am
>looking forward to sharing commentary with you all from time to time. how 
>about a
>general consensus of everyone's personal favorite jandek recordings. i'm
>interested to see if there are many similar, or very different opinions. 
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