[Jandek] Re: Favourite Janky Rock N Roll Phuq All Over Me, Baby

Ross Em indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jun 6 12:35:37 PDT 2004

Hey, its hard to pick a top ten out of Jandek's stuff,
but heres my Top Ten tracks... 

1. Down in a Mirror (Chair Beside a Windae) - awesome,
ghostly - exactly my image of Jandek encapsulated...
2. Your other man (Blue Corpse) - the bomb diggy
Jandek album, the best track off that record. 
Soooooooo brilliant. Blue corpse is such a good place
to start...  (Even tho its the different singer)
3. Strange Phenomenon (Living in a moon so blue)
4. Come through with a smile (some body in the snow)
fuck me...  Beautiful, evil...  Sounds like shes
singing with a knife to her throat...  Like its her
last words...  Fear...  Fear... Jesus Christ...  He
did not fear what he had to do
5. I know you well (Follow yr footsteps) - Accessible
6.  The cat that walked in from shelbyville - fuckin
7. I passed by the building
8. Show Me the Way o lord
9. Naked in the afternoon
10. Needs No Sun / Rifle in the closet

Ok, interesting to hear what people think, and what
ones you all hate or adore

Take care dudes

Ross Em

"97.5 per cent of all great British pop records have been created by individuals dreaming their teenage years away in fuggy box bedrooms on council estates. From Billy Fury all the way through to Sporty Spice - council house box bedrooms. Being stuck in a public school dormitory waiting for your weekly fix of the NME somehow doesn't do the trick." - Sir William Drummond


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