[Jandek] Right Change lyrics

Paul Condon paulgcondon at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 30 10:01:17 PST 2004

If anybody can explain the meaning of the phrase "diggidy daggidy", or 
whether it actually should be treated as a proper name, I'm curious...

Hey diggidy daggidy, what you been doin'?
I been sittin' in my front room where people just pass through and don't 
spend no time
It's got the best furniture
It's got the best look
It's got your first impression
? to meet them there you got a guard that keeps you out of it
Hey diggidy daggidy, what you gonna do?
I'm gonna sit in my front room where nobody stays
I need to describe what's going to stay here and what's going away
Don't you have a friend who can give you space
It's what you need right now
I'm (and?) in this moment of giving I found the right change to take the 
indescribable beauty to you, and it's not mine, it belongs to you
I'm sitting in the front room
Deciding what stays and what goes
When it's all gone
If you don't give up all your rights
You just pass along
Abandon everything you wanted

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