[Jandek] more Gone Wait lyrics

Paul Condon paulgcondon at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 29 14:37:39 PST 2004

Here are my transcriptions of tracks 2-4 - I'll post track 5 asap.

I want to go back
To that lost place
Waiting, waiting, waiting
for that lost place
I see the open door
Just step in
close it back
But wait - wait - wait
Resolve the present
Howd' it get like this
But it did
Complexity, I know your name (?)
Dignified and congratulations
Here you are and there you'll be
Stop, turn around
The other side is on the ground
You don't own anything
Guess I'll walk to the mailbox
I can't ever be there
It all comes true (through?) in those dreams
When I open that door
There'll never be a going back

I was a king
When I was twelve
You couldn't touch me
No, no, no, no
I kept you away
I didn't think about it
It wasn't important
I was me
Get out of my way
But I like (liked?) to be with you
Don't get me wrong
It's just that a threat
was the furthest thing from my mind
I don't feel the air
I don't know what time it is
Except the sun tells me now and then
I got my clubs
And I'm bursting all around
You can't but see me, I'm in front of you
I'm all around
I got inside of you
Well here I am
What you going to do?
I somehow flew here
And we're together
I was a king
When I was twelve
You couldn't touch me
No, no, no, no
I kept you away
But I was with you
I still am
Today my thoughts are wrapped up in all my days
I got my new doors
So perfect and clean
It's early someday
I'm thinking about me
And how I was

I'm standing firm at the front room
You can't take me away
I might just go now
In my own time
I will come out of my body
And make you run away
I got a new idea
It's taking over me
I will be... be... be...
I will be what I am
I got the resolve
But it's just an adjustment
Of your body, mind and soul
And when I'm there is way long ago
I'll go to the middle of society
I don't think I know so much
When I do I got my license to do anything
I'm sitting in the front room
Where are you
You're in there
You're not a body
But I'll take your body
Please give it to me
I'm talking about everyday
And the nighttime too
I'll sit in the front room waiting for you
And when you'll come we'll have the whole house
I got to think where it is
Without that I got to be where I am
Come on and be here too
I welcome you
I'll be the best I am
I made a promise to do that
Please say yes

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