[Jandek] butts for jandek 2004

Butts For Jandek butts_for_jandek_2004 at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Dec 24 13:58:26 PST 2004

just thought i'd post this for the people here that aren't on soulseek and 
don't know about this already.
the general idea is: we're gonna send Jandek some pictures of girls butts 
with "Jandek" scrawled across them, in the hope that it might cheer him up. 
or melt his mind for good maybe. i dunno. also, it's complete nonsense, and 
we generally find that kind of shit funny.
thought i should maybe run it past you guys first, see what you thought of 
the whole thing.

here's the few pictures that we've got so far;


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