[Jandek] The End of It All

Amy Kelly akelly1971 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 29 04:51:54 PDT 2004

Sorry if I'm repeating anything from list -- for some reason, my e-mail 
filter is preventing me from receiving all Jandek list messages.

I got my copy yesterday.  Haven't listened to it yet (Jandek requires a 
certain mood for listening).  But the title, combined with the cover photo, 
gave me pause.

The cover is a profile head shot of Sterling Smith.  He looks older and 
pensive, although it could be of him in younger days -- hard to tell from 
the shadowing.  He appears to be wearing a shirt and tie, and his hair is 
cut with a buzzer, probably with a #2 on the back and a #4 on top, brushed 
forward.  Not enough of the background is seen for me to say where the photo 
was taken, but the flash and the dark area to the right remind me of the 
cover for The Place, with the mannequins.

There are four tracks:


2) I HAD'NT [sic] BEEN THERE BEFORE (5:49)


4) I MET YOU (8:12)

Without having listened to the album, the titles seem to relate to one 
another in an ominous way.  Then again, they'd fit in with the titles on 
most of his albums.  Anybody listened to it yet?

Also, I was interviewed for "Jandek on Corwood," and since then, I've been 
receiving his albums as soon as they're released, without asking.  (Sterling 
Smith, if you ever read this: Thank you.  A mailer from Corwood is always 
appreciated, and always worth the time it takes to listen.)  I assume all of 
us who were interviewed are getting the albums sent automatically now.  Is 
that true?

As ever, Amy


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