[Jandek] Graven Image remastered !!!

Bradleybee bradleybee at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 28 23:28:28 PDT 2004

The type font and back cover layout of the 1st and 2nd pressing
are very different.  However, I have determined that there are
also very minor differences in the audio, leading me to believe
that this should be considered a re-master, not just a re-press.
 The first press has a total time of 40:01, while the 2nd is
41:34.  The 2nd has a little more stereo separation, with the
vocals more to the right speaker compared to the more 'mono'
sounding 1st press.  The new remaster also has a few strange
dropouts that aren't on the original version. 

The cover is the same photo, but the new press looks a little
clearer than the 1st.  You can see some dirt on the side of the
white house to the left.  The photo is also cut a little
different.  On the original cover, the gutter down-spout is at
the very edge of the cover.  On the new cover, you can actually
see the down-spout, and a little bit more to the left of it.

Yes, these are really minor nit-picky differences, but I thought
someone might be interested  :)


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