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Wed Aug 11 18:27:16 PDT 2004

Also, he could have recorded "The Beginning" years

I disagree that the there are two different singers on
"Blue Corpse" -- though at first appearances this
appears to be the case because the voices have
different timbres, one lower and richer, and the other
wispy. The inflections of the words is identical, and
changing your voice from a chest register to a lighter
throat register produces exactly the type of
"illusion" that occurs on "Blue Corpse".

--- "Fabio R." <pippus at fastwebnet.it> wrote:

> Hi again. I know what you mean by jandeks voice
> lowering with age. That is
> understandable. I just find it weird that on an
> album like "the beginning"
> janky sounds pretty much the way he did on "ready
> for the house" and just
> three years later his singing style has completely
> shifted!....
> --maybe he intentionally altered his voice, to sound
> different.
> more deep, evocative and desperate.
> strange! oh also I reckon the singer on "I woke up"
> is the same singer on
> "blue corpse" . I am very sure about
> this!...........but of course im
> probably wrong!!!! Danny.
> --i'm not sure.  On "Blue Corpse" there are two
> different singers.
> --who knows..
> bye, Fabio
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