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Don't forget, just because Corwood puts out an album
in a given year doesn't mean it was recorded in that
year, or even close to it. I've always thought Jandek
started recording in the early to mid 70's---remember
he told Chusid in the letter that he already had 10
albums worth of material (that's everything up to
"Nine-Thirty") in 1980, which means he started making
them long before they were released, and was still
making more at the same time. Of course we can only
guess at his recording pace, but he could have
finished his whole catalouge up to maybe "the
Beginning" by the '80s. Then add to that the
possibility that the albums could be released out of
chronological order--maybe he lost a tape and found it
after he'd relased a newer one, or perhaps the "water
damage" also wrecked a number of tapes that show the
transition between old voice and new. I realize this
ends up having little to do with the original
point---but it's worthwhile to consider when
discussing Jandek.
--- Daniel Short <daniel.short4 at ntlworld.com> wrote:

> Hi again. I know what you mean by jandeks voice
> lowering with age. That
> is understandable. I just find it weird that on an
> album like "the
> beginning" janky sounds pretty much the way he did
> on "ready for the
> house" and just three years later his singing style
> has completely
> shifted!....strange! oh also I reckon the singer on
> "I woke up" is the
> same singer on "blue corpse" . I am very sure about
> this!...........but
> of course im probably wrong!!!! Danny.
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