[Jandek] Jandeks "new voice"

Daniel Short daniel.short4 at ntlworld.com
Fri Aug 6 15:48:15 PDT 2004

Hi. my first post on hear so here goes. I have been listening to
"shadow" and "I threw you away" tonight. And am starting to convince
myself that the singer on both of these albums is not jandek!!. In fact
all of jandeks albums since " I threw you away" feature a much lower
sort of "groaning" voice which is very different to the voice that
appears on Jandeks earlier material. If the voice on these later albums
is indeed jandeks then why he has decided to completely change his
singing style so abruptly is beyond me! Of course there is the theory
that all the albums before "I threw you away" may have been recorded a
very long time ago and in a short space of time. And all the albums
after "I threw you away" are very recent recordings. Thus jandeks voice
has aged over time????? Maybe ! maybe not! What do other people
think?.By the way I have only been into Jandek for about a year now. And
I love the Texan! Danny.
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