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RocketMorton69 at aol.com RocketMorton69 at aol.com
Wed Aug 4 09:18:00 PDT 2004

Since 2000-2001. I had just broken up with my girlfriend and moved back to 
Pittsburgh from Philadelphia. I don't recall where I heard about him at first 
but I did a little research on the net and listened to a few songs. Shortly 
after I bought "blue corpse" and listened to it about 100 times the first week. It 
made me both sad and comforted. Im still far from having everything but I 
kind of like it that way. I know there is a new cd to buy anytime I want one. I 
try to really get into each one as I buy it and let it tell me when it's time 
for a new one. At the rate ive been going I should have everything in about 10 
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