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don henson donsolo23 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 01:53:01 PDT 2004

Hey all,

I've been receiving the newsletter for about a year. 
My name is Don Henson.  I live in Portland OR.  I have
24 of the CD's.  I got in on Jandek way past the vinyl
stage.  Unfortunate, just for the covers alone.  At
any rate I'm finally familiar w/a number of the
I recently aquired "Lost Cause" & "The Beginning".
"Lost Cause" is exceptional. It starts so bluesy and
then "Babe I Love You" so stangely endearing.  By the
time "God Came Between Us" comes up
the cause seems pretty lost. Then through to "I Love
You Now It's True, and ultimately "The Electric End"
Awesome. It seems to me though that the bleating high
sound is the vocal mike held in front of the speaker
and just squealing.  I also hear cleary "Jandek
(Sterling)" say to someone, (who sounds female), at
0:45 "Just yell in it" Female voice: "Are you talking
to me?" Jandek: "Just yell in the microphone what's
matter with you?" Female voice: "I can't" Then I think
Jandek says "Can't" and then screams at 0:53. I'm not
sure about the last "Can't" but the rest is quite
clear. Made me laugh to hear it after knowing that
"The Electric End" makes "Metal Machine Music" sound
like a picnic. (And I love it).  Anyway, I don't know
if anyone else has heard this little bit or not. I'm
off to listen to "The Beginning" and the
"confrontationally out of tune piano"

Disturbed enough,

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