[Jandek] free listing day at EBAY

Judith Beeman beeman at istar.ca
Fri Dec 26 12:25:41 PST 2003

A head up to those of you who might want to plunk some stuff down on 
Ebay today (26th) as its FREE listings until the stroke of midnight. I'm 
listing a whack of stuff and a bunch which will have "noise psych" etc 
in the listings so some of you may be interested in checking that out. 
If not there's also my TLC hat to da back remix up there! My ebay name 
remains: Telephono

Even more kinda sorta off topic dept:  I gotta give props to Tom Robbins 
whose novels I'm finally getting around to reading.  His latest Villa 
Incognito is terrific (Vietnam vets in hiding vs a horny irresistable 
bager-like creature). He really makes ya think and guffaw at least every 
second page. Of his 8 books I've only read the above, still life 
w/Woodpecker and Fierce Invalids home from a Warm Climate (now there's a 
title!). Haven't seen Even Cowgirls Get the Blues yet (nor the film). 
You, Jandek fan, would like this author!

regards, Judith

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