[Jandek] is jandek singing?

Daniel Marks alfredggnome at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 21 18:55:11 PST 2003

"is he singing on songs on albums foreign keys....?"

This is a very old question that we've discussed
thouroughly [sic]. I put foward the theory that it is
indeed a different singer whom I call "eddie" although
that may or may not be his name. C_F is the best proof
of this, as you can hear both eddie and jandek
singing, and note the differences betweeen their

Has anyone seen the movie indentity? It was a popcorn
thriller from a while back. There is a character in
there who looks a lot like jandek...the convict....

Finally, I played some Jandek CDs for my friends last
night after a band practice. They mostly laughed at
first but were then a bit disturbed. It was delicious.
I played "European Jewel", "Lavender, "War Dance"
"Down at the Ballpark", and "House of the Rising Sun",
the last of which was particularly funny because we
jam to that song often. to hear Jandek's travesty of
it was awesome. I explained that I like Jandek mostly
because he is the ultimate DIY artist, and someday
I'll convince the other guys to do a jandek cover.

--- alextl at fsmail.net wrote:
> im just confused sligtly
> is he singing on songs on albums foreign keys.
> follow your footsteps, modern dances etc etc
> (basically the brilliant electric stuff) and
> especially the first 3 of Blue Corpse? Y'know...its
> confusing cos you hear 2 voices on C
> F....and....thats it
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