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Fabio R. michette- at libero.it
Fri Dec 19 10:05:00 PST 2003

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From: "Daniel Marks" <alfredggnome at yahoo.com>

> As for the new CD. It sounds pretty surprising, what
> with the bass, and another Bridal Shop window. I can't
> wait to hear some of it. Also the cover photo makes me
> wonder if we're supposed to take these two albums as a
> pair? Has anyone noticed other connections? Blue
> Corpse and Modern Dances could be seen as such a pair
> (one has a ton of Nancy, then she is oddly gone on the
> next, and he is singing about lost love).

I think BC and MD are a pair only because of the cover photos.
(Bc is closer to "Follow your footsteps")

The Gone Wait (in heavy rotation now) reminds to me to "The Place" and (a
bit) "I threw you away".
No others.
I think all Jandek works after the cappellas are nearly connected, though
the I threw you away's vivid desperation is more dried now.

like the 2002 records, the 2003's could be seen apart, as a pair, another
two vocals-research works (similar in the way they sound), with a lot of
evocative, dark, deranged instrumental athmosphere background.
(as on "The stumble", "I was a king" etc..)
I see a connection between the life-size dummies on the covers and the
contents, the way he sings, etc.
(what will be the next step?)

bye, fabio


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