[Jandek] Re: Welcome to the "jandek" mailing list

Daniel Marks alfredggnome at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 16 19:25:06 PST 2003

It lives. Although its presence on a generic user list
site seems kind of commercial (and we are all supposed
to hate commercial things), I think Jandek would like
the generic-ness; it's more unassuming. So bravo and
here's to some engaging discussion and less flaming. 

As for the new CD. It sounds pretty surprising, what
with the bass, and another Bridal Shop window. I can't
wait to hear some of it. Also the cover photo makes me
wonder if we're supposed to take these two albums as a
pair? Has anyone noticed other connections? Blue
Corpse and Modern Dances could be seen as such a pair
(one has a ton of Nancy, then she is oddly gone on the
next, and he is singing about lost love). 

In light of the new album I updated a score card I
have on my desk. It's a piece of paper that says:

Jandek: 35
The Blues: 0

"Look around/ You're in the new town..."


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