JANDEK: Ordering

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All 64 Jandek albums (0739 through 0803) are currently in print on CD. Some of the live ones are also available on DVD.

the catalog

see corwoodindustries.com

how to order

As the catalog says:
cd disc $8.00
* 2 disc cd $12.00
** dvd disc $16.00 
*** box set $20.00
20 or more any mix 50% discount
international orders add $1.00 per item
prepaid only
shipping paid by corwood industries

Note that the 0788 and 0789 DVD’s are doubles, but are priced the same as singles. The box set, 0789, is a four-CD set.

All of these prices are cut in half if you order a box of 20 or more items. This can include any combination of titles and quantities that you want. A multi-disc set counts as one item.

Send orders (and make checks payable) to Corwood Industries, P.O. Box 15375, Houston TX 77220. Corwood does not have an email address, but they are in the phone book.

Corwood hasn’t said what acceptable payment methods for international customers are. Some customers have paid by international bank draft in U.S. dollars. Well-concealed U.S. cash is also accepted. Sending payment in non-U.S. currency is ill-advised.


Corwood doesn’t sell vinyl anymore. There are authorized vinyl reissues of Ready for the House and Six and Six on Jackpot Records, from the same digital masters as the Corwood CD’s, but they cannot be ordered from Corwood.

from other sources

Jandek CD’s are also available from online retailers such as Flipped Out Records, Forced Exposure, Eclipse Records, Aquarius Records, and Jackpot Records. In the U.K., try Volcanic Tongue. For Corwood vinyl, try all the usual sources for used vinyl. For example, there are almost always some Jandek LP’s up for auction on eBay.

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