[Jandek] Strange Mastering / Transcoding on "Blue Corpse" CD

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Fri Sep 2 12:02:49 PDT 2011

Hey Everyone,

I was listening to my "Blue Corpse" CD today, and I think there's something wrong with the mastering, or maybe even the master source that was used. I was noticing what I can best describe as digital artifacts here and there, like the type that get created when downgrading fidelity or transcoding MP3s (or even just making, say, a 96k MP3). "Blue Corpse" is one of the few Jandek releases that I had a vinyl copy of ("had" because I had to sell it a while back to pay bills, which killed me to do and still kills me to this day... wish I had that back). Before I sold my vinyl copy, I made a digital copy of it so I could at least listen to it. Comparing "Variant" from the CD and my digital copy of the LP, you can clearly hear a fidelity difference (I'm not talking about the Digital vs Analog argument) and those digital artifacts/transcode noises/whatever are not present at all on the LP audio. I'm almost wondering if the CD was made from an MP3/compromised master.

Sorry... I know I'm rambling. Anyhow, did anyone who has original vinyl copies of Jandek records notice anything like this when comparing the CDs/LPs? I know there's been a lot of discussion about the songs themselves (added/missing parts, etc.), but I don't recall seeing anything about the actual sound/mastering/whatever quality itself.

For the record, I don't know for sure which CD pressing I have, but I think it's the 2005 one (back of the CD lists "One Minute" as having a length of 1:15).

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!


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