[Jandek] NEWS: Alberta shows canceled

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Yep.  I'm aware of several artists who performed shows while in the 
country as vacationers.  It's a risky move as getting caught could see you 
banned from the country for several years, but sometimes it's the only one 
for small artists who can't deal with the bureaucracy, long timelines, and 
costs involved.

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RE: [Jandek] NEWS: Alberta shows canceled
It's an easy border to cross if you're going to visit.  If you're going to 
work it's a different story.  I've been detained numerous times working in 
Canada.  You have to have a corporate sponsor and have to be able to show 
that a Canadian couldn't be doing the work you're doing.  I don't know for 
a fact if this what happened but I've had enough irritation working in 
Canada that it's my guess. 

Michael Goldman 

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announcement from Chris Dadge:

>"It is with great sadness that Bug Incision and Weird Canada announce the
> cancellation of both JANDEK concerts this weekend in Alberta, October 
>21 and 22. 
>The Representative from Corwood was denied entry into Canada for reasons
> that were unforeseeable and beyond the control of Corwood, Bug 
>Incision, or Weird Canada.
>The concerts will be rescheduled, with the same lineups and venues, at a
> later date, to be determined.
>Corwood, Bug Incision, and Weird Canada offer our apologies. 
>Ticketholders: please contact bugincision at hotmail.com for

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