[Jandek] NEWS: Alberta shows canceled

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It's an easy border to cross if you're going to visit.  If you're going to work it's a different story.  I've been detained numerous times working in Canada.  You have to have a corporate sponsor and have to be able to show that a Canadian couldn't be doing the work you're doing.  I don't know for a fact if this what happened but I've had enough irritation working in Canada that it's my guess.  

Michael Goldman 

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announcement from Chris Dadge:

>"It is with great sadness that Bug Incision and Weird Canada announce the
> cancellation of both JANDEK concerts this weekend in Alberta, October 
>21 and 22. 
>The Representative from Corwood was denied entry into Canada for reasons
> that were unforeseeable and beyond the control of Corwood, Bug 
>Incision, or Weird Canada.
>The concerts will be rescheduled, with the same lineups and venues, at a
> later date, to be determined.
>Corwood, Bug Incision, and Weird Canada offer our apologies. 
>Ticketholders: please contact bugincision at hotmail.com for

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