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jesus kenievel knievelperu at hotmail.com
Mon May 23 06:30:28 PDT 2011

I'd like to thank everyone who posted links to their music.
I've listened to most of it and I didn't find anything I didn't like.
Some highlights:
Bad Reviews - great stuff. really melancholy, it's got a kind of lo-fi Nick Drake feel to it.
Spunkle - a sort of industrial ambient sound, some really interesting and fun musical ideas. I especially liked Music For DXing
Robert Ferent and mumble(speak) - both are really good ambient stuff, I found both very relaxing.
Stephe DK's - I love the lo-fi sound of this stuff. Sounds to me like folk music the way it should be recorded, nice and rough around the edges.
Blake Cotton - Sand is great track, I like the big booming drums
Black Trees - Don't Tell Me is pretty catchy, I really like the Pink Floyd influences I hear in your stuff.
VCV - wow. Great interpretations of Jandek's stuff. I wish more people would do this sort of thing
Sorry if I forgot anyone.
Great stuff all around. 

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