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I just saw this as well, and although I posted about it in the past, I think it bears posting here again -

A few years ago, my band VCV decided to do an instrumental covers album of Jandek songs, since we felt a lot of the other covers out there focused too much on taking the man's lyricism and throwing it over their own music, while the original atmospheric potency of Jandek's albums got glossed over. We completed four songs of the nine we set out to do, and mailed Corwood a letter with the four tracks on a CD-R, asking for permission and their blessing to complete the project and release the recordings. Initially, I received a letter that read something along the lines of "Sorry, we're not approving any tribute projects at this time, however your work stands alone with its own merits", which was cool but a bummer, since we decided beforehand not to pursue the project at all if Corwood didn't say yes. Then, a week later, before I could write a letter back, I got a second one, this time simply reading "On second thought, you have our permission." which was
 fantastic. We took that as a good thing, that maybe our songs just took a while to sink in.

Anyway, the end result was completed a few months later and released on our own Install label, bearing the title Round The Bend: VCV Plays Jandek. I shot off a couple Polaroid photos in the vein of the Corwood albums and we even got the exact color of blue from the original center labels on the LPs for the CD face. You can hear clips of the album and buy it if you like for only a few bucks here:


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