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Ross Morris rossmorris1 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 18 17:16:43 PDT 2011

Thanks a lot for that man.  I think this sounds like a really cool idea.  Why don't you kick start the discussion with an album that means a lot to you and we can take it from there?
Take care

Jesus Knievel said;
I think that your idea to do this within the context of this list is the best way to start. Unless someone wants to volunteer to administer a website, or even a blog, to collect these things, the list is probably our best bet. The kind of things I'd love to hear about are:

How did people find out about Jandek and what were your first experiences with the music like? What attracted you to it?
Are there particular albums that hold a special significance for you, and if so, why?
The same goes for types of albums, do you like the acoustic ones better than the bass ones for example. Why?
Any and all analysis of the music. Pick a song, an album, a collection of albums and offer an analysis. 
Theories about what Jandek's music is all about.

I read the stuff at your blog last year Ross. It's great. I just wish there was more stuff like it out there. Jandek is the most interesting artist alive as far as I'm concerned and I don't know anyone who I can discuss his work with. It's kinda frustrating. So I guess I'm just going to go ahead and just start posting the kind of stuff I talked about above and hope that others here do the same. I suppose that what I'm talking about is what this list is all about in a way, but it just seems that no one does it much. 

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