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Wed May 18 06:23:54 PDT 2011

That sounds like a great idea Mike.
I tried to do this a while back with The Corwood Review, - http://www.thecorwoodreview.blogspot.com/ but life and other things always got in the way of doing it as a regular concern.  I also felt a bit unqualified to talk about the music (as I have few points of reference in avant garde music unlike, for example, someone like David Keenan who has an extensive knowledge of this kind of music).
If this is something we could work on as a group that would be great.  Even if it just meant having a kind of Jandek "book club" type arrangement on this list - someone contributes what a particular record means to them, sparking discussion about what the record means to other people, highlights within the record and so on.  
That's something I'd definitely like to be involved with, and it will also hopefully encourage people to seek out albums that they might not have otherwise considered.

It is a good idea to update the Wikipedia entries that concern Jandek and his work. 
What I think would also be great is if there were an effort made to recruit people to write essays or articles about Jandek's music and to have those papers collected somewhere online. There isn't enough critical analysis, or personal reflections on Jandek in my opinion. I'm very interested to hear other people's ideas, opinions and interpretations of Jandek's music. Or maybe something like the 33 1/3 series in miniature, just for Jandek. There just seems to be so much bullshit out there about Jandek that it would be interesting to read what fans and others who have given Jandek serious consideration have to say. Much of what was talked about in Jandek On Corwood was great, but it didn't go far enough for me. I think that written documents would be far more rewarding.


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