[Jandek] Sterling Smith / Tree of Life

Brendan Stewart brendankifostewart at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 20:43:45 PDT 2011

> I don't know much about Malick, but I'm pretty sure that Jandek isn't a  
> recluse. If he is how do you account for the photos of him on his albums  
> that show him at various locations around the world? Also, what about  
> the concerts? Just because someone doesn't want to talk to the press it  
> doesn't mean that they're a recluse.

I'm not sure if he's a recluse or not, I'm not sure how seperated jandek  
is from the rep, if they are seperate or mixed or the same. But the photos  
can be accounted for without making it impossible for him to be a recluse.  
Whether or not he recorded many of his initial albums during one short  
period a long time ago, or if they were recorded more or less in order of  
release is still up for debate (I think it's a little of both), but I  
think pretty much everyone agrees that he dug in his past and got pictures  
of him at various points in his life, and I think he probably decided that  
his covers should be something like what they have been forever. I think  
he ran out of, or lost, interesting pictures from his past, but was sorta  
bound by then to use these kinds of pictures.

And he can't really use pictures of him he took in his home...

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