[Jandek] Sterling Smith / Tree of Life

Marc Masters mmastersdc at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 13:16:33 PDT 2011

Hi everyone -

I haven't checked this list in a while so apologies if this has already been
mentioned, but a friend just pointed out to me that Sterling Smith is
thanked in the credits of the new Terence Malick movie "The Tree of Life."
Coincidentally, the film was shot in Texas (mostly Austin, I think) and
features Sean Penn as a man with a corporate job in Houston.

I don't think this Sterling Smith referred to in the credits is Jandek -
he's actually thanked on a line with someone named Jill Hall, and when I
googled her name with Sterling's, they came up as managers at an Austin
company called Hall-Williams (

Still, pretty funny coincidence...especially considering that Malick is
somewhat of a recluse himself!

Marc M.
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