[Jandek] The new album and what session it comes from.

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Wow! That's even more amazing, then; do you think that this means we can look forward to a string of new Corwood releases that feature ensembles such as on this record? I only thought it had to be the Gold session because Adam allegedly offered Corwood to do a studio recording with him, and the rep remarked that he was interested as it was unlike anything he'd done prior.
My mistake, but if it means there's a bunch of intriguing new Jandek releases on the way, then it may just be the best mistake ever.

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Mr. Brodsky, I know for a fact that this new album is NOT the session with Adam Gold.I know the people who set up that session.  A good friend of mine was the curator of the Nashville gig, andhe was present at that recording session. 		 	   		  

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