[Jandek] Record recommendations for the road?

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How exactly was it removed, out of interest?

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> This might have been mentioned before on the mailing list, but here's an interesting piece of trivia about Nine Thirty:
> On the original LP, the song Georgia East included the lyric "Talk about Negroes"...but this lyric was removed when Nine Thirty was released on CD. 
> The rep wrote that the reason for removing it was "social responsibility". 
> Pretty cool.
> On Jan 30, 2011, at 12:05 PM, <Michael.Goldman at CH2M.com> wrote:
>> Definitely "Nine Thirty"  Most of the lyrics refer to travel and motion and two of the songs refer to the region you're headed to.
>> Georgia East (2/1) 
>> I shouldn’t feel so sad 
>> It was all I had 
>> I should be glad 
>> Coming into Atlanta 
>> Big wheels turning 
>> Talk about negroes 
>> Talk about the fruit 
>> Georgia peaches 
>> Scuttlin’s 
>> Pecans shaking from the trees 
>> You people sure are strange to a city boy from up north
>> May 3 (2/2) 
>> If you want a friend in South Carolina look up Charleston (?) 
>> Wish I never have to leave Charleston 
>> May 3rd 
>> We go back very much the same as how we came 
>> Goodbye palm trees 
>> Brown water seas 
>> Savannah 
>> Goodbye pretty town 
>> Three hundred years old 
>> Charleston
>> Michael Goldman
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>> Howdy Group
>>        Although I'm relatively new to Jandek, as of late it's become a ritual of mine to acquire a new (for me) Jandek record before going out of town. My last few fixes were a little iffy in comparison to my surroundings, so I'd like to ask if anyone could recommend a decent Jandek record for the road... I'll be heading down to Savannah, Ga next month, if that's any help.
>> Thank you kindly
>> Caleb
>> P.S. A couple I've taken into consideration include Nine- Thirty and Camber Sands Sunday .
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