[Jandek] Irvine show on DIME torrent tracker??

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Sun Jan 16 20:07:08 PST 2011

Since this is your issue, or at least an issue you've come to own, by proxy
of your having started it, then I would suggest that you call him. Many of
us have been in touch with him, now and again, through our own business but
Corwood has always been a private artist and I try my hardest to respect
this. In other words, I would feel strange calling him to say, "there's been
a discussion on the list, etc etc". On the other hand, his door, so to
speak, is fairly open. Call the Corwood # or (better) send a quick note. At
least then you know he got the message. In no way can I (or anyone)
guarantee that he will call or write back, but don't take that personally or
as a sign that he has shrugged off your message. It's just how it is. He's a
very approachable, extremely nice guy should you talk to him directly, so
don't be afraid to tell him what you think and he'll answer as he will
answer. Again, if not, at least you know he got the message. That's my
suggestion, anyway.

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 11:18 AM, J. Free <j.free at sonicarchives.com> wrote:

>  Well, I hadn't expected some of the backlash I've received for my initial
> post (whining? righteous indignation? ...really??), but that's the internet
> for you, I reckon. I do appreciate that a few folks like Danen and Mike have
> spoken up and confirmed what I've already suspected, although I think the
> best thing would be if The Rep himself made an official statement - if even
> just a disclaimer of some sort on the Corwood web site, perhaps.
> My questions were largely rhetorical - that is, unless one of you reading
> this happens to actually BE Jandek, or has some firsthand knowledge of what
> the plan is for future releases. I was hoping that there might be one person
> on the list who is in touch with Jandek, and could make him aware of the
> situation. It doesn't really help to suggest that one is sure he knows about
> the torrent and video clips, unless one actually knows that for a fact.
> As an example, I'm currently working on a web site for a musical artist who
> releases albums and tours the world regularly, and yet does not own a
> computer or even a cell phone, and has always avoided the internet. I might
> add that this is not the first time I've worked with a web client who is in
> that type of situation. This artist was completely unaware of bit-torrent
> technology, although hordes of his fans used to trade cassettes, and then
> CD-Rs, and even vinyl bootlegs of his music, and he was never thrilled about
> that, but didn't seem to feel he could stop that activity. It seems
> believable to me, that Jandek could be out of that loop as well. For Jandek
> to be able to contact the DIME admins and ask them to remove the Irvine
> recording, would mean that first, he has to be made aware of DIME, and that
> he also has a computer, and writes e-mails. Maybe he has all of this, maybe
> not. I have no idea.
> Yes, I do agree that it is pretty cheap of the folks at DIME to allow a
> show to run on their tracker, when there is even a rumor that an artist
> intends to release all their own material. That, to me, is tantamount to
> stealing directly from the artist. Then again, I know of a few previous
> instances where DIME has been informed about similar conflicts of interest,
> and chose to allow shows to run, regardless, because in their words, the
> artists "intent" had not been confirmed to their satisfaction.
> Can anyone here say with any certainty that they know what Jandek is
> thinking? I can't. I did, however, think it might be an appropriate gesture
> to try and establish some contact with him to let him know what's going on,
> in case he doesn't know already.
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> Subject: Re: [Jandek] Jandek Irvine show on DIME torrent tracker??
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> All of the shows (except a few that either weren't recorded right or at
> all) are coming out - you may notice that they all come out in chronological
> order. I think he's smart enough to know that people will do what they do
> but he's been VERY outgoing, in fact, about his dislike of recording at
> shows, and this is reflected from people (Mike and myself, for starters) who
> have curated shows and worked with him. You're right, he's not saying
> anything, but hasn't that always been the case?Do you really expect him to
> suddenly jump on this list and comment?  I'm not saying people won't be
> posting stuff anyway, but why? Doesn't it cheapen DIME to post shows that an
> artist intends to release? None of this is intended to be inflammatory (or
> whining, for that), rather just contributing to the original question as it
> was asked. I know what his policy has been, I know that's been consistent at
> the many shows I've been through from 2005 on, and I think that it's a valid
> point. Just my thoughts, and I'll leave it at that.
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