[Jandek] Thank you all so much

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I think several of the people on the board have all of the material (myself included).  I wouldn't say that I don't like the spoken word records.  They create a very definite emotional response and require a very definite way of listening to them that I don't find myself in very often.   They are hard but I wouldn't say that I didn't like them.

Michael Goldman
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I am very happy to see the genuinely nice responses from everyone here.  It definitely takes the sting off of the ridicule I have
been receiving from friends and family hhhahahahah.  I am going to buy some of the cds soon.  I will get "The Rocks Crumble", "Blue Corpse" and probably "Put My Dream on This Planet".  Just seems right.  I have read about how barely anyone likes those spoken word albums, but I am ready to be put to the test.  I might even pick up some vinyl off of ebay.  The prices are high, but I think it might be better to hear them in the original way.  Does anyone here know anyone that has all the records?

Thank you all again for the comfort.

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