[Jandek] Gigs that won't be released

ALISTAIR CROSBIE alistair.crosbie at btopenworld.com
Sat Jan 15 02:54:12 PST 2011

One show that you'll never hear is what I think was the last by the Rep/Youngs/Neilson - which happened in Mono in Glasgow the day after "Bristol Wednesday" (not after "Camber Sands Sunday", as it says on Wikipedia; I'll need to change that...). According to Mr Neilson, the recording device failed and given that the timeline is already past that date, it looks like he was right. A shame, "Glasgow Thursday" was a fierce blast, possibly the most brutal set by the First Classic Trio.

Having watched some of the youtube clips, there are definitely some shows that I hope don't get released...the Russian one sounds awful...

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