[Jandek] Irvine show on DIME torrent tracker??

Emil Macherzyński emil.macherzynski at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 13:24:46 PST 2011

it was me, no need to hide my name. i'm kinda new to posting things to
lists, so sorry for making it private. and sorry if you felt offended. but
it's just how it is in this day and age, people share things like this. and
i, for one, think it's good. if fans of health and mike watt will get into
jandek because of this bootleg it will be better than act all secretive
about this. as i said - this will not be out any time soon, and stuff like
torrents ceases rather quickly anyway, so i doubt any 'sales' will suffer.
was it right to record it? i guess not. but at least no jackass is making
money off of it. there's no point in fighting it, really. just leave it be
and let it die.

2011/1/13 J. Free <j.free at sonicarchives.com>

> I've removed the name of the person who replied to this post, which I think
> is more fair than they probably deserve.
> Why post something like that privately, instead of to the list?
> Thanks for taking my attempt to do something decent, and turning into
> something dirty.
> Yes, a lot of it is on YouTube, but does that make it right? The horrendous
> quality of most YouTube clips are not going to prevent me from purchasing an
> officially released DVD or CD whenever they do come out.
> Ignoring it does not make it go away. The DIME tracker will allow that
> torrent to exist until no one else downloads it for a period of time. In the
> meantime, every download represents an unsold CD, which Jandek himself will
> most likely be unable to recoup the lost profits from. He's entitled to it,
> and I was under the impression that most of us here are fans of his art. Do
> we really want to prevent him from earning what is rightfully his?
> The audio is another story. Jandek has been releasing live CDs which have
> more or less the same kind of sound quality that your average portable
> recording device can capture, so for someone to post that publicly could
> definitely be seen as taking money right out of Jandek's pocket. Do you
> think that if most people can get a recording for free, they will turn
> around and pay for the official CD in a year or two, just for the cover art,
> or out of some noble desire to support the artist?
> I was certainly not "advertising" it on this list, although I was hoping
> that someone could open up a channel of communication that would inform
> Jandek about the situation. He may be aware of YouTube, but I wonder if he
> is technically savvy about bit-torrent trackers? If Jandek was made aware of
> the situation, he could contact the admins of that site, and ask them to
> remove the recording. Actually, whatever he chooses to do is his own
> concern, but he should at least be given the opportunity to know about it.
> The reason I posted about the live recording was not out of any desire to
> "be a hero", as this respondent claimed. I spent years working with artists,
> as a recording engineer, management, booking, and as a musician myself, and
> although I certainly am not opposed to live recordings being made, I have
> strong reservations as to what one is allowed to do with such artifacts. As
> a recording hobbyist myself for a number of years, I initiated several
> projects that I hoped might contribute to the eventual legitimization of
> live recording. The fellow who posted that recording on the DIME tracker has
> certainly set those efforts back quite a few years.
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> Subject: Re: [Jandek] Jandek Irvine show on DIME torrent tracker??
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> Date: Thu, January 13, 2011 11:18 am
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> don't be a hero, it's all on youtube anyway. and people will buy it either
> way, as it won't be out for quite some time (the 2009 funk show is still
> not, for example). just ignore it and it will go away.
> btw, if it wasn't for you, advertising it on the mailing list, i wouldn't
> even know it's out there.
> 2011/1/12 J. Free <j.free at sonicarchives.com>
>> I was kind of surprised to see the recent Irvine show on the DIME
>> bit-torrent tracker this morning. I'm not on DIME myself, but one of my
>> business partners is, and posted a question there about taking money out of
>> the artist's pocket.
>> I guess getting the show seems like good news for some folks, but am I
>> missing something here? I was under the impression that Corwood intends to
>> eventually release all of the live performances - has this been changed? Are
>> they no longer posting those notices that state no audio / photos allowed,
>> because Jandek was recording the shows himself?
>> My friend contacted the admins of that torrent tracker, and they refused
>> to remove the show, because Jandek hasn't contacted them personally, I
>> guess. Their argument is that when artists claim they will release their own
>> shows, it doesn't always happen, so they feel justified in allowing it to be
>> shared for free through their site.
>> Is there an officially stated policy here somewhere?
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